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Got BSOD'ed?

Windows 10's Blue Screen of Death

I got you covered.

A lot of people think that Blue Screens of Death are problems, but in fact they're not: BSODs are symptoms of a problem, that can be caused by hardware or software. Don't reinstall Windows, since it will probably not fix the problem and make it even more difficult to solve the BSOD.

Blue Screens of Death may be caused by a infinity of reasons, even if they share the same stop code. Usually, it's resolution isn't easy and may require a better analysis, which is not so simple.

For this, I offer you my services. I studied and have the knowledge to analyze and debug blue screens with the logs Windows produces. For three years I trained my skills in Clube do Hardware, one of the biggest online technology forums of Latin America.

How does it work?

It's similar to an artwork commission: after reading and accepting my terms of service, contact me through the methods in the bottom of this page. If I accept your case, you pay the quotation fee and I start analyzing your problem, guiding you how to proceed.

What's the price and the payment methods?

US$ 50, through PayPal.

Sure, how can we start?

First make sure you're fine with my terms of service. With that OK, call me:

Email - riomccloud [at] disroot [dot] org
WhatsApp - coming soon

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