Animated drawing of my fursonas Hender (1st from left), Noggy (2nd), Hakiya (3rd) and Jacky (4th) waving to the reader

Welcome ~ Bem‑vindo(a)!

You're at Toca do Rio, the backyard hole I dug in a corner in the vastness of the information superhighway! Or simply my digital garden proudly hosted on Neocities...

This little page complex serves as my online home, where I talk about things I like, dislike, my experiences and everything else my mind chooses to. Feel free to poke around and explore every corner of my website - I would love to know what do you think about it!

I have a guestbook right there in the book GIF. Leave a message!

Latest status

My fursona Rio with a lollipop in his right paw

To-do list

1. Rewrite my script FrogDebloat
2. Rewrite my script YT-to-VLC
3. Write a software for making RSS feeds
4. Write article about Memtest86+
5. Write article about Windows 10 setup guide
6. Write article about Windows 11 setup guide

Idle sprite animation of the Pokémon Ash-Greninja
Dance sprite animation of the crocodile Vector, from the Sonic the Hedgehog game franchise

What I've been doing

• 🎧 I'm listening: MAN WITH A MISSION
• 🎮 I'm playing: Minecraft Java Edition
• 📚 I'm reading: nothing at the moment
• 🎞️ I'm watching: Avatar: The Last Airbender (2024 TV series), Naruto

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Updated the homepage, "My computers" (Texts, Tech miscellaneous), "My favorite movies" (About me) and "Web browser options for legacy Windows versions" (Texts, Windows tutorials) pages.


Removed the splash page (there wasn't much reason for it to exist, in fact, but I did a backup if I need it in the future), updated the "My favorite personal websites" page (Texts, Tech miscellaneous), adding the's website button and made a small fix on the two 88x31 buttons on the footer for the mobile view.


A big bunch of changes:


A bunch of changes:


Added a new page called "My personal Windows 8.1 setup guide" (Texts, Windows tutorials) and fixed a lot of broken images in multiple pages.


Added a new page called "Prevent Windows 11 from enabling Efficiency Mode in Chromium-based web browsers" (Texts, Windows tutorials), added a new drawing on the "Gallery of Year 2024" page (Multimedia, Artwork) and updated my To-do list, "My favorite movies" and "My favorite music" pages (About me).


Added new buttons for Ardent's Gallery and VoltBun's websites on the "My favorite personal websites" page (Texts, Tech miscellaneous).


Added a new page called "Artists, PLEASE: do not post your art only on Twitter/X!" (Texts, Sociological rants).


Added a new drawing on the new "Gallery of Year 2024" page (Multimedia, Artwork) and removed the legacy website edition link from the splash page (shelving this idea for now).


I changed all images' file format from AVIF to WEBP, updated the "Ultimate guide to Android optimization" (Texts, Android tutorials), "My computers" and "My gadgets" pages (Texts, Tech miscellaneous), and fixed some bugs in multiple pages.


A bunch of changes:


I added missing music in "My favorite music" page (About me).


Added a new page named "Galaxy A03 Core owners: Android 13 update is fine!" (Texts, Masto'ckup), updated the page "My gadgets" (Texts, Tech miscellaneous) and fixed a bug from the RSS feed.


A bunch of hotfixes for the website:


After almost 4 months, I finished my website rework! The previous layout with 4 multilingual editions was too hard to mantain, so I redesigned it. The website's is now a digital garden and its theme is very similar to the older version, but is easier to read, has better acessibility principles and adapts to mobile screens.

Now, there's only one "edition", with the main theme and in English. Some pages will have links to Brazilian Portuguese versions in the future. In the splash page there are links to some of my website's pages through FrogFind!, making them readable through ancient web browsers.

Oh, you reached the bottom line!

There are more changelog entries, from past years. Click here to check them.

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